Troubleshooting: Why is the Preview Changes Button Disabled?

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017
If you press the 'Preview Changes' button you will assume that WordPress serves you a preview of the changes you made to your page or project. To get an actual preview of your unsaved content WordPress runs the 'save_post' function in the background in order to serve you a preview with the changes you made.

The 'Preview Changes' function works with revisions so that the changes are not saved to the 'real' post rather than just creating an revision. This is unfortunately not the case for metadata which gets used by Semplice to store data. This data gets immidiately saved to the 'real' post so even if you just click 'Preview Changes' you actually save your work the same way as you would with 'Update'.

Another problem is that the filters and hooks we use to format and escape our content before it get's saved are not used so most of the time you will end up with corrupted data which makes it dangerous to use.

This in combination with the above mentioned fact the 'Preview Changes' button makes no sense for an page with 'Semplice' activated thats why we decided to deactivate it. Of course this only applies if the theme detects semplice content. None of your default pages or blog posts created without the semplice content editor are affected.
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